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Tony Pisculli

Tony Pisculli is the co-founder and producer of the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival, now entering its 14th season. At HSF in 2016 he presented an experimental version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in invented language--aActually, in two invented languages, one for the Greek court and mechanicals, and another for the fairies. Tony is also Hawaii’s premiere fight choreographer and has been teaching stage combat and directing fights for more than 20 years. He is a Master Teacher with Dueling Arts International and has choreographed over 100 productions including stage, indie film, opera and burlesque. He is currently living in Hawai‘i and is a recent graduate of the Stone Coast Creative Writing program, and the author of a novel now out on submission.


“With over a decade of professional experience, Tony is an excellent and most generous Instructor of Theatrical Violence and Stage Combat and a very creative and inventive Fight Director and Choreographer. Any actor, director, production company and student of theatre should seek out his expertise for training and/or production assistance.” –Gregory Hoffman, Board Member of Directors at Sea Breeze Power Corp.


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