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Michael Malaghan

Born in 1943 and raised in Florida, Mike paid his way through college at the University of Florida by selling books door to door. After college he began a career in business, one that he concluded 41 years later as president of a Walt Disney license. In 2005, McGraw Hill published his legacy business book, Making Millions in Direct Sales. As a lover and reader of history, Mike Malaghan has been fortunate to visit 200 countries and territories starting in 1966 with the Peace Corps in Africa. Much of his recent travels have centered on book research for his latest work, Picture Bride, released in July 2016. When he’s not globetrotting, Mike is based in Hawai‘i.

Picture Bride
From the moment we meet Haru, we fall in love with this proud girl of silk and steel. To escape being sold into prostitution in turn-of-the-century Japan, Haru takes refuge in a Buddhist temple, but happiness there is fleeting. Betrayed by her best friend, she flees to Hawaii, a strange new world where the young picture bride finds herself with a husband who doesn’t want her and surrounded by a widespread distrust of Japanese immigrants. As Haru’s marriage flourishes and then falters, she emerges as a strongminded community leader. Having once pledged to produce sons to fight for the emperor, she dedicates herself to raising American children loyal to the Stars and Stripes. From the shrines of Kyushu to the shores of the Territory of Hawaii, Picture Bride is the sweeping saga of Japanese immigrants who survived—and thrived—against great odds.


“Definitive. It’s not often you can say that about any first novel. But Picture Bride is destined to become the definitive story of the Japanese-Americans’ experience, an epic multigenerational saga of a Japanese family meeting and defeating discrimination in Hawaii, a novel overflowing with drama, history, and characters you’ll be rooting for the minute you open the book. Impeccably researched and skillfully told.” —William Martin, New York Times best-selling author, The Lincoln Letter

 “Mike Malaghan expertly draws on historical events during the three decades leading up to WWII to portray Japanese immigrant life in Hawaii. Picture Bride is an engaging family saga in an era that forged modern Hawaii—an era that must not be forgotten!” —Lenny Yajima, President, Japan-America Society of Hawaii  


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