Lisa Freeman

LISA FREEMAN is an author, artist, and teacher residing in Santa Monica, California only miles down the road from State Beach, where her novel Honey Girl takes place. Lisa grew up amidst the Hollywood scene and emerged as an actress in films like Back to the Future I and II and Mr. Mom. It was here that her love for storytelling was born. On a typical afternoon, you’ll find her writing in her studio under the shade of a 100-year old pepper tree, tea in hand and three small dogs at her feet.

Riptide Summer. The year is 1973, and sixteen-year-old Nani is firmly established as one of the top girls in the State Beach lineup. But when surf god Nigel breaks her heart, and Rox reveals a secret that tears their friendship—and the lineup—apart, Nani is left to pick up the pieces. If she can’t recruit new Honey Girls to the lineup, the friends will lose their reputation as the beach’s top babes. 

Honey Girl: Welcome to State Beach in 1972, Santa Monica’s hottest surf spot in all of SoCal with gnarly breaks, smoking hot surfers, and even hotter girls who rule the beach. Nani Nuuhiwa was raised on the shores of Oahu. But after her father dies of a heart attack, her mother trades in their life of aloha for the mainland — dropping Nani into the ultra-blonde world of State Beach.

Unlike in Hawaii, in California.