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Los Angeles-based novelist Jade Chang is grabbing readers’ attention with her award-winning book, “The Wangs vs. The World.” Recently released in October of 2016, Chang’s novel has already received national recognition for its authentic and original tale of an Asian-American family’s struggle towards the American Dream. Before the debut of her novel, she worked as an arts and culture journalist and editor for several well-known publications, such as BBC, Glamour and The Los Angeles Times Magazine. Since then, she has guest appeared on “Late Night with Seth” (Meyers) to promote her new novel and “The Wangs vs. The World” has been nominated as October’s “Book of the Month” by guest judge, Constance Wu.  Jade’s other accomplishments include: recipient of a Sundance Arts Journalist Fellowship, the AIGA/Winterhouse Design Criticism Award and a Squaw Valley Writers Workshop Scholarship.

The Wangs vs. The World

After building a successful cosmetic empire in the U.S., Chinese immigrant businessman Charles Wang loses his fortune to the American financial crisis. Before he can flee home to China and reclaim a family inheritance, he must first rally the support of his distraught children and make his life in America work. Previously protected by their wealth, the Wang family must confront their new bankrupt life as they embark on a road trip across America, which ultimately brings them closer than ever before.  Jade Chang’s novel constructs a new kind of immigration story, one that isn’t concerned with experiences of assimilation or diaspora. Instead, Chang’s writing blends comedy with racial identity, and breaks Asian-American clichés and stereotypes.


“A fresh Little Miss Sunshine” -Vanity Fair
“Jade Chang is unendingly clever in her generous debut novel” –NY Times
“[The Wangs] is unrelentingly fun, but it’s also raw and profane—a story of fierce pride, fierce anger, and even fiercer love” –Npr.org


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