A History of Hawaiʻi

Leah Tau-Tassill is the lead author of the book A History of Hawai‘i, 3rd edition. She conceptualized and wrote the new sections of this text, including many activities that align with the C3 standards for social studies. She is a teacher at the University Laboratory School.

Dr. Linda Menton is professor emerita of education, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, where she worked at the Curriculum Research & Development Group. She is the co-author of three award-winning high school history texts, including A History of Hawaiʻi. She is a co-editor of the Hawaiian Journal of History.

Moderator Lori Ward is the managing editor at the Curriculum Research & Development Group, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. She has been producing K–12 curriculum materials as a writer and editor for fifteen years in a variety of subject areas, including history of Hawai‘i, marine science, mathematics, and Hawaiian culture.

Revised and updated, the third edition of A History of Hawai‘i is a comprehensive account of Hawai‘i’s modern history. Aligned with the C3 standards, it features greatly expanded coverage of Hawaiian cultural and political movements and biographies of many cultural practitioners. Coverage goes up to 2016 with discussions of education, homelessness, rail, and sovereignty. The purpose of the third edition of A History of Hawai‘i was to update the historical text to include expanded historical analysis and the continued development of Hawai‘i’s history into the twenty-first century. In particular, this edition expands on the importance of the Native Hawaiian presence in each period of Hawai‘i's full and rich history.