Dania Novack Katz

Dania Novack Katz was born with a desire to eat delicious food and nothing has changed much in 50+ years except that she now wants you to join her at the table and eat together.

Born and raised on the beach in Southern California she flew to Hawaii in 1989 and never returned. In her back pocket are a couple of degrees from University of Oregon, Eugene and her passport with extensive travel from her days in the fine art world. Whatever she felt like eating, that motivated her travel destinations-- from Japan, Brunei, and Israel to NYC and every exotic place in between.

Today she is the publisher/owner of a James Beard award-winning publication, edible Hawaiian Islands. The magazine is focused on local food and drink in Hawaii. A proud member of edible Communities she has become the voice of local food, where to get it and who is growing it. She is a community connector for all things local and delicious. Also a founding board member of Slow Food, a former popup restaurant owner, and now a single woman with two great adult kids who are all looking for the next meal to share.




Twitter: (@DaniaEdibleHI