Chris McKinney

Chris McKinney was born in Honolulu and grew up in Kahalu’u on the island of Oahu. He portrays the island experience from the inside, where children of mixed ethnicity grow up far from the clear water and pristine beaches of the rich visitors' resorts. McKinney is the author of six novels, The Tattoo, The Queen of Tears, Bolohead Row, Mililani Mauka, and Boi No Good, and has written a feature film screenplay, Paradise Broken, and two short films, The Back Door and Calamity. He also co-wrote a memoir, The Red Headed Hawaiian. His latest novel, Yakudoshi: Age of Calamity was released in 2016. He is working on adapting this latest book into a limited series.

Yakudoshi: Age of Calamity
In Japan, people believe that there are years in a person’s life that are bad luck. For men, the worst is 41. It is yakudoshi. It is the age of calamity. Bruce Blanc, fresh off a nine-year prison jolt and back on the streets of Honolulu, is about to turn 41. He finds himself embroiled in urban Honolulu’s Asian-American nightlife. Kids lighting up the night with cocaine and killing daylight with Xanax. Girls who spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror than Snow White’s stepmom; the older divorcees with means who prey on them. And ninety-pound female drug lords and the cops in love with them. A new bar is opening or shutting down daily. The foundation of a new high rise is being poured every day. This is not your mom’s Hawai‘i. It’s building up, not building out. When Bruce finds out that during his incarceration, his son, who he has never met, has gone missing, he takes on drug lords, police, and anyone else who stands in the way of his discovery of the truth. Yakudoshi: Age of Calamity is about a changing world and a man who is trying to change with it. It is about how a father’s love can bend his code. But most of all, it’s about how the roughest year in a person’s life can sometimes be the most enlightening one.


 "'Yakudoshi' holds up a mirror to all of us, whatever our walk of life. It's a must read revelation.” —Mindy Pennybacker, Honolulu Star Advertiser
“Chris McKinney, 43, has carved out a moai-size reputation with novels that are tough, smart and grounded. Since The Tattoo, his first book, in 2000, the Honolulu Community College writing professor has grown a Mainland and world audience. Then his marriage and life fell apart and McKinney discovered his own depths—and dove into Honolulu’s underworld, the subject of his sixth novel, Yakudoshi: Age of Calamity (Mutual Publishing, September).”—Don Wallace, Honolulu Magazine


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