Living Well in Hawaii Program

Supported by HMSA

Saturday, April 30, 2016. Wellness Pavilion

Emcee: Ira D. Zunin MD, MPH

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10 AM

Proactive Wellness addresses how people achieve wellness literacy by accessing social networks empowered by information technology. How do millennials learn to exercise autonomy by asking the right questions? How can baby boomers use innovative technologies combined with care coordination to age in place? Can we look to technology to determine our unique and evolving needs?

PANELISTS: Dew-Anne Langcaon, MD; Jenna Bruchauser Psy.D.; Ira D. Zunin, MD, MPH.

11 AM

Blue Zone Project Hawaii, presents a new pilot community health program introduced by HMSA in Windward Oahu, based on the longevity factors found common to a half-dozen communities around the world, identified by National Geographic and popularized by Dan Buettner in his New York Times bestselling book, The Blue Zones; Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who Live Longest. Can island residents enjoy a quality diet and optimal health despite the cost of groceries? What does this mean for local food security?

PANELISTS: Elisa Yadao, Heidi Kim, Karen Teshima


Achieving Health Through Balance explores the challenges faced in resolving tension between demands of work and family so that both can thrive. Is it possible to win in competitive sports without sacrificing health later in life?

PANELISTS: Landon Opunui, MD; Jenna Bruchauser Psy.D.

1 PM

Healing Recipes for Misery presents ills of the modern day, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, in contrast to traditional indigenous models for health. Connection, relationship, community and cultural integrity are the salve for isolation and alienation and key to resolving health disparities that impact quality of life and longevity.

PANELISTS: Clare Rountree MD; Kalani Brady; Martina Kamaka MD

2 PM

Deadly Lifestyle Choices showcases what happens when caution and care are thrown to the wind. The myriad illnesses that arise from eating to excess, habitual sodas, vaping, alcohol, prescription drugs and meth have their way of creeping up. On the other end of the spectrum, in search of good looks, a trophy or a good buzz the good health expected from athletic activity may be hijacked and paradoxically results in compromised health.

PANELISTS: Hilary Valentine OTR/L; Scott Miscovich MD; Thomas A. Wills Ph.D.; Cedric Akau

3 PM

Successful Aging is a process that includes taking advantage of the best of modern medicine and gracefully moving through the lifecycle.

How do we address the reality of aging? How do we enjoy our maturity as our strength and stamina wane and function diminishes? Too often the burden falls on unpaid family caretakers. Can palliative care and hospice optimize grace and comfort along the way? How do we know when and how to let go?

PANELISTS: Ira Zunin, MD, MPH; Kerrey Barton-Taylor, M.D.; Zoe FitzGerald Carter; Therese Fitzgerald, Bonnie Castonguay RN, State Sen. Josh Green, MD

4 PM

The Price of Wellness looks at the national effort to increase access to affordable, quality care, the objective of Obamacare. How is it changing healthcare in Hawaii and how is it impacting both patients and doctors.

PANELISTS: State Sen. Josh Green, MD; Nadine Tenn Salle, MD, Paul Reppun