Literary Panels Program

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PANEL: Shaping the Story

Don Wallace, Moderator
Constance Hale, Jeff Kleinman
10 a.m. Saturday April 30. Authors Mauka Pavilion

Think of a book as a series of conversations. The first is one that writers have with themselves: “What is the story I have to tell? How can I make it compelling?” Then the conversation with the reader begins: “Who am I talking to? What are you eager to find out?” Then come conversations with editors and agents, who redefine the audience. Then—whether our books are published independently, by small presses, or by big publishers—we come full circle, in creative thinking about how to get the book into the hands of the very readers imagined at the beginning. As the publishing landscape continues to shift, Internet marketing, as well as old-fashioned bookstore outreach, becomes more and more critical to both writers and readers. An author, a writer-editor and a literary agent shed light on this process in a discussion that is high-minded but offers budding writers some nuts-and-bolts ideas.

PANEL: MsAligned: Male Characters of Female Authors

Pat Matsueda, Moderator
Adele Ne Jame, Connie Pan, Phyllis Gray Young
1 p.m. Authors Makai Pavilion

Three of the contributors will read the work they are publishing in this anthology and will explain how their male characters developed out of their experiences and literary interests. The panel moderator, Matsueda, will talk about the book as a whole, describing how the authors attempt to understand and represent males.

PANEL: Filipina Writers: Not just Nurses, Caregivers, and Beauty Queens

Maiana Minahal, Moderator
Pat Brown, Lyz Soto, Amalia Bueno, Virgie Chattergy
3 p.m. Sunday May 1. Authors Makai Pavilion

A diverse panel of Filipina women writers and editors reflect on community, family, love, loss, and joy, from the Philippines to Honolulu and beyond.

PANEL: Navigating the Truth in Fiction and Nonfiction

Shawna Yang Ryan, Moderator
Julie Checkoway, Pamela Roter Sakamoto, Cecily Wong
4 p.m. Sunday May 1. Authors Makai Pavilion

What is a writer's moral responsibility to his or her subjects, as well as to her readers?  Nonfiction storytelling can be as gripping as fiction but has greater constraints. Where does one draw the line between the genres? Four writers discuss how they imbue scenes or characters with life to drive the story forward without compromising the facts.